Life as Art, Duane Pasco - a new book about the artist

LIFE AS ART, DUANE PASCO - by Duane Pasco and Barbara Winther, published by Marquand Books and distributed by the University of Washington Press is now available for purchase.

This book chronicles the early life of the artist and his involvement in the revival of Northwest Coast Native Art. There are a total of one hundred and ninety pages with one hundred and forty images, most of them color plates of the artist's beautiful and powerful masks, totem poles, canoes and much more.

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Books may be ordered from (and benefit) the nonprofit JayHawk Institute for $50.00 + shipping (and WA sales tax).

Below are some sample pages from the book, click on an image to see it larger.

Book jacket
The Beginning
Totem poles
Feather wand sculpture
Salish Sea male and female carved panels